A Radically Rethought

What is Radicle Agronomics?

Radicle Agronomics™ by Precision Planting is a suite of powerful nutrient management tools, delivering unprecedented speed, precision, and clarity to the outdated world of soil testing.

A Better Set of Tools

The Radicle Agronomics suite combines planning, sampling, and analysis for the entire soil sampling process. It's the world's first fully-automated soil laboratory with accompanying tools that make soil nutrient management more precise and efficient.

With a Better Process

Radicle Agronomics simplifies and streamlines the soil sampling & analysis process by automating tasks that take up hours of your work day. Combine this with superior soil analysis, you can get back your time and be confident that you're making the best fertilizer decisions for your farmers.

Step 1: Load GeoPress

Place soil in GeoPress to automatically fill and tag samples. GeoPress packages and geo-references samples in GeoTubes as you drive to your next location.

An agronomist loads GeoPress on the back of an ATV in a field.

Step 2: Start Radicle Lab

Insert GeoTubes in Radicle Lab for quick process and soil analysis. Up to 400 samples can be loaded at once, directly from the field. No shipping required.

An agronomist presses the start button on Radicle Lab's control screen.

Step 3: See Same-Day Results

Same-day results are loaded in the Radicle App as they are processed. Results stream back onto the map directly from Radicle Lab to be shared and exported.

An agronomist views soil sampling data through Radicle App on a tablet device.

Join the trial program

We are looking for partners to participate in expansive crop response studies to give us a new baseline for accurate soil analysis. By connecting Radicle Lab soil test values to your yield response data from added fertilizer, you can help define the future of fertilizer recommendations with Radicle Agronomics.

» Learn more about response trials
Map of the United States with states with current crop response studies in orange and planned in dark gray.


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